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Shigetaka Takatsu President and CEO

In 1949, our company was established as part of the commercial department of the former Matsuzakaya Department Store, with a corporate philosophy of "contributing to society through the development of the Japanese industrial sector by introducing excellent machinery, equipment, and new technologies from foreign countries including Europe and the U.S."

At the time, the Japanese industry was in the process of post-war reconstruction, and since then, MATSUBO has contributed to the development of today’s industrial sector by harnessing our capacity for collecting information to quickly provide the latest Western technologies as well as the machinery and equipment developed by such technologies. With this opportunity, I hereby wish to express my sincere gratitude for your support and cooperation since the founding of our company.

Today, more than half a century later, we see instantaneous dissemination of information across the world.
In response to this rapid change, we aim to become a company that reflects our customers’ needs by introducing world-class technologies to support the development of new products and serving as a bridge between technologies.

Looking to the future, our goal is to expand from being an exclusively technological trading company to a company that offers a comprehensive range of trading and engineering functions. We endeavor to provide customers with seamless solutions ranging from pre-sales services such as offering technology and product information to after-sales services such as consulting on equipment and device upgrades after delivery.

In addition, we at MATSUBO, strive to maximize our value and strengthen our corporate governance in order to be supported as valuable members of society.
We will continue to prioritize compliance (corporate ethics and compliance with laws and regulations) and conduct ourselves with a strong sense of awareness and responsibility in order to fully understand the ethics that the company is expected to follow in addition to observing laws and internal rules.

Furthermore, we will actively promote the provision of technologies and products that contribute to the reduction of the impact on the global environment in response to increasingly diverse social needs and changes in the market and launch new initiatives that focus on not only the domestic market but also overseas markets.
To this end, we will continue to try to secure and develop diverse human resources and provide a service that will satisfy our customers even more than ever before.

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