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Industrial Inkjet System

Industrial Inkjet"TRI-JET Series"
Printing without plate, direct print using an ink only where you need to print and "Industrial Inkjet", which has technical features that perfect digitization of printing & drawing, could spread new possibility in manufacturing process, cost, function and quality.


Tritek's Industrial Inkjet 3 features

Feature 1: suitable for users who require high productivity

For Industrial inkjet which is required high productivity use multi heads to raise drawing speed. The most important point for inkjet as production system is productivity. Therefore it needs to be the system combining endurance and easy-maintenance to prevent from stopping product.

Feature 2: Covering core technique & coordinate experience

Industrial inkjet is a multiple technical product. Tritek covers main technologies of inkjet system such as head and ink control, high-speed software, LSI development, image and color processing, basic mechanical design. And we have enough experience on customizing product to handle every request.

Feature 3:High-speed data conversion with software

Raise drawing speed/easy-customizing is one of the condition requires in industrial field. Tritek has responded these requirements with high-speed software technologies by developing know-how on AOI systems.

TRI-JET Series

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