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Environmental Protection Ion Exchange Filter

Environmental Protection Ion Exchange Filter
Manufacture: EBARA Clean Environment Co.,LTD.[Japan]

EPIX® Filters for removal of trace level chemical contaminants have been developed to reliably meet such requirement. The novel chemical filters are gifted with the capabilities to remove acidic, basic and neutral salts contaminants in the air by means of chemical adsorption through ion exchange functions.
The EPIX® Filter exhibits its high performance at extremely low concentration range like ppb and ppt level of chemical contaminants in the air.

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1) High removal efficiency for even extremely low concentration of chemical contaminants

The graft copolymer is propagated on the trunk polymer like chains. It has not three-dimensional and cross linking structure. Moreover the ion exchange functional groups concentrate to the graft chains.
Consequently the fabric has high density of ion exchange functional groups and large surface areas, enable quick reaction and high removal efficiency.

2) No discharge of contaminants from itself to effluent air

As radiation grafting co-polymerization is used as a manufacturing process, the filter contains fewer impurities, and the impurities are not emitted downstream.
Dusting is approximately 1 to 3 particles/ft3 with a particle size of 0.1μm, and is intermittent.

3) No discharge of adsorbed impurities for fluctuation of temperature

No emission occurs not only at the normal operating temperature, but also at the maximum operating temperature of 122°F(50℃).

4) Flexible selection of combinations of cationic and/or anionic non-woven fabrics

The ion-exchange non-woven fabrics can be combined in accordance with any conditions such as: removing cations; removing anions; and removing both.

5) Easy installation to existing equipment

EPIX Filter is light-weight and, low pressure drop by use of non-woven fabric.

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