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MultiNo® Jet Mill

MultiNo® Jet Mill
Manufacture: Pacific Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The MultiNo Jet Mill offers improved classification performance and lower energy consumption than the conventional counter type jet mills. Thanks to its high classification performance, the MultiNo Jet Mill achieves not only a sharper particle size distribution, but it is operator-friendly, and far easier to operate and maintain than a conventional jet mill.

MultiNo® Jet MillMultiNo® Jet MillMultiNo® Jet Mill


1.Its rectangular design and unique classifier rotor are engineered for high classification performance.
2.Sharp particle size distribution of fine powder is designed to be achieved without over grinding.
3.Designed to be easy to operate: disassembly, cleaning and operation are all simple.
4.Steady air flow in the classification chamber keeps cake build-up at a bare minimum.
5.Energy consumption is lower than conventional jet mills.
6. The model lineups are extremely versatile, and a single machine can be used for many other applications, including mixing, dispersing, and classification.


1.Ceramics, Glass
2.Metals, Metal oxides, Magnetic materials, Battery materials
3.Toner, Pigments, Powder coatings, General chemicals
4.Inorganic pigments, Polishing materials, Carbon
5.Pharmaceuticals, Food additives
6.Resin additives


• MultiNo M… for general grinding
• MultiNo M/S/M… for mixing, dispersing, classification, grinding
• MultiNo SE… for classification

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