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Atomizer Mill

Atomizer Mill
Manufacture: Tokyo Atomizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The Atomizer Mill is a high-speed, versatile impact type (hammer) grinder with an excellent grinding performance that is ideal for grinding raw material into the particle sizes of tens to hundreds of micrometers. The Millstardom with enhanced performance in finer grinding and Freezer Mill are a few of the models in our lineup. All of our fine grinding mills have excellent cost performance.



1.High grinding throughput per power input.
2.Sharp particle size distribution after grinding.
3.Atomizer Mill is very versatile enabling all raw materials to be compliant with across a range of specifications such as GMP and sanitary specifications.
4.Original design and efficiency enable low-cost freeze grinding using liquid nitrogen.


1.Standard model: various food products such as granulated Sugar and Salt, Chemicals, Plastics, Lime and other inorganic raw materials
2.Millstardom (fine grinding specification): Pharmaceuticals, Health Foods, Battery Materials, Ion-exchange resins
3.Sample mill (freezing type): Rubber, Thermoplastic resins, Spices, and Engineering plastics

We also have other models available that are not shown here. Contact us for details.

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