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Vibration Mill

Vibration Mill
Manufacture: Chuo Kakohki Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The Vibration Mill uses a vibrator attached to a drum (grinding cylinder). The drum is partially filled with a grinding media and material to be ground and is subjected to vibrations which stir the grinding media.

Vibration Mill


1.Grinding times are 10 to 20 times faster than conventional rotating ball mills.
2.Versatile grinding range: medium to fine grinding.
3.Can grind, mix and disperse simultaneously.
4.Built for both wet and dry grinding.
5.Grinding media and lining inside the drum can be made of just about any material (stainless steel, aluminum, zirconia, rubber, etc.).


1.Alumina, Magnesia Clinker, Ferrosilicon, Lime, Silica sand
2.Ferrite, Iron oxides
3.Manganese dioxide, Sulfur
4.Activated carbon, Coke, Talc
5.Chinese medicines, Salt, Fertilizers

We also have other models available that are not shown here. Contact us for details.

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