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Vacuum Dearator UCD (Deaer-Mild)

Vacuum Dearator UCD (Deaer-Mild)
Manufacture: Pacific Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The Vacuum Dearator UCD uses a patented forced collision and dispersal method to continuously degas/deaerate a variety of gases from liquids with low to high viscosity. It also supports laboratory equipment for research facilities.



• Able to degas continuously.
• Able to be run continuously.
• A range of models including a batch type for laboratory equipment used in research facilities.
• Designed with a highly reliable shaft seal that utilizes a special mechanical seal.
• Compact design, and simple disassembly and cleaning.


Paper manufacturing (Coating liquids: Inkjet printing paper, Carbonless duplicating paper, Thermal paper, Sizing agents, etc.)
• Food products (Mayonnaise, Tomato ketchup, Mustard, Pickling solution, Soymilk, etc.)
• Cosmetics (Shampoos, Rinses, Creams, Tooth pastes, Liquid detergents and milky lotion, etc.)
• Pharmaceuticals (Tablet coating liquids, Surfactants, High molecular coagulants, Agricultural chemicals, etc.)
• Chemicals (Bonders, Adhesives, Emulsion wax, Printing inks, Polymer solutions, etc.)

Standard Specifications

1.Throughput capacity is calculated with the density of the processing liquid γ=0.7 kg/L.
2.We select the best discharge pump according to its characteristics for liquids.
3.We also manufacture the Vacuum Degasser using your requested explosion-proof specifications.

the batch type UCD-0.

The photo above is of the batch type UCD-0.

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