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Vibration Dryer / V-Dryer

Vibration Dryer
Manufacture: Chuo Kakohki Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The V-Dryer uses vibrations to excite granular material forcing them to fluidize, and then dries them using indirect heat under vacuum. This machine can be used for a variety of applications including simultaneous drying and lump breaking introducing balls and other media used in vibration mills, and drying and evaporating by slurry feed.



1.Material fluidization using vibration, resulting in very little material break, uneven drying and dispersal.
2.No stirring vanes: Easy to clean and to sterilize.
3.Almost no seal components: Easy to maintain high vacuum.


1.Organic materials: Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural chemicals, Dyes, pigments, and Food products
2.Inorganic materials: Polishing materials, Glass beads, Graphite, Carbon, and Inorganic salt
3.Metal powders: Pure iron, Ferrochrome, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt alloys, and Rare earth metals
4.Resins: Ion exchange resins, Phenol resins, Acrylic resins, Silicone resins, Vinyl chloride resins, and Polyester resins
5.Ceramics: Alumina, Silicon carbide, Zirconia, Silicon nitride, and Titanium oxide

We also have other models available that are not shown here. Contact us for details.

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