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Emulsifier / Disperser Milder MDN

Manufacture: Pacific Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.[Japan]

The Milder is a versatile inline emulsifier/disperser that do both batch and continuous processing. This realizes short processing time. Use it for emulsifying, dispersing, suspending and dissolving to increase your production.



• Uses a special shaped "generator" to produce excellent dispersion at a high shear rate.
• It is very efficient and compact which makes it perfect for a wide range of uses.
• Choose from four types of "generators" combinations (one to three stages) to achieve a range of results.
• Choose from an extensive lineup; small capacity test machines MDN303V (120 L/hr) to optional larger machines MDN223 (60 ton/hr).
• The Milder has a pumping function in itself requiring no external supply pump for low viscosity products.

• Food products (Reconstituted milk, Mayonnaise, Milk beverages, Pickling solution, Margarine, Dressing, Tofu, etc.)
• Chemicals (Polymers, Polymerized toners, Adhesives, Paints, Rubbers, Microcapsules, Inks, etc.)
• Cosmetics (Shampoos, Rinses, Creams, Toothpastes, Nail polish, Forming creams, etc.)
• Paper manufacturing (Coating liquids, Carbonless duplicating papers, Sizing agents, etc.)
• Pharmaceuticals (Coating liquid for tablets, Ointments, Syrups, etc.)

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