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Electric Vacuum Separator

Electric Vacuum Separator
Manufacture: Shizuoka Machinery Works Ltd.[Japan]

The Electric Vacuum Separator uses electrically charged rollers and suction from a vacuum fan to completely remove hair, lint and other foreign objects found in food products, granules and fine grains. It is an ideal device for the inspection process in finished products, and its separating efficiency is very highly rated. Over 500 units have been sold in total.



1.100% removal of hair.
2.The use of static electricity ensures that even difficult-to-see foreign objects are removed (because objects are light).
3.Easy to separate and remove foreign objects from agricultural, marine and food products.
4.Ideal for final inspection of products.
5.Able to do large capacity processing.


1.Pharmaceuticals: Tablets, Granules for tablet making, Pellets, Fine granules, and Chinese medicines
2.Food products: Delicacies, Marine products, Agricultural products, Dehydrated vegetables, Spices, Polished rice, Brown rice, etc.
3.Chemicals: Resin pellet etc.

We also have other models available that are not shown here. Contact us for details.

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