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X-ray Inspection Equipment

X-ray Inspection Equipment
Manufacture: SystemSquare Corporation[Japan]

The X-ray Inspection Equipment detects metals, stones, glass, bones, high density plastics and other foreign objects.
We also offer a popular compact version that meets all your inspection needs.



1. Settings and confirmation can be performed easily on the touch panel inspection screen.
2. History data management can be done on a PC via external memory write functions.
3. Secure design that totally prevents X-ray leakage.
4. All stainless steel, and HACCP compliant.
5. Comes with masking function (inspection within a limited area) and detecting function for missing parts.
6. Comes with weight check function (option).


• Food product related (best for aluminum wrapping products)
• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemicals
• All wrapping products in general

* Detection sensitivity will differ depending on the physical properties of the inspection products (content, shape, etc.) and the environment in which the equipment is used.

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