MATSUBO Corporation



The spirit of MATSUBO at its founding was the desire to help people live good lives, and that is still evident today.

In 1949, Suzusaburo Ito, the president of the Matsuzakaya Department Store at the time, established a Trading Division to introduce advanced technology from Europe and North America to support the lives of Japanese people devastated by the war.
In 1955, Mr. Ito became the first president of Matsuzaka Trading Co., Ltd., which later became the MATSUBO Corporation, and he began to help Japanユs industries recover from the war. At first, the company provided products for the steel and non-ferrous metals, paper manufacturing, and chemical industries, and other key industries that supported Japan. By the 1990s, MATSUBO had entered high-growth fields such as hard disk drives and semiconductors. In recent years, MATSUBO has entered the renewable energy fields such as solar cells and biomass, and is participating in activities to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions in the global environment. In this way, MATSUBO has always worked to develop business to meet the needs of the era, while aiming to carry on the spirit from the time of its founding. Our continuing goal is to provide high-value-added services to help people live good lives, while contributing to society and the development of the industrial sectors in Japan and overseas.

1949 Started business as the trading division of the commercial department of the Matsuzakaya Dept. Store
1955 Matsuzaka Trading Co. Ltd. established local offices in both Osaka and Nagoya
1956 Opened the liaison office in Frankfurt, Germany
(The present-day office is now in Dusseldorf, and is known as the European Office.)
1968 Expanded the Osaka Office to a branch office
1971 Expanded the Nagoya Office to a sales office
1982 Expanded the Nagoya Office to a branch office
1990 Became an Ebara Group company
1993 Expanded the Osaka Branch Office to a division office
1994 Established Matsubo Corporation
(business operations transferred from Matsuzaka Co., Ltd.)
1996 Established an office for the Technical Support Division in the city of Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture
2007 Matsubo split off from the Ebara Group in an MBO
Matsubo became a subsidiary of Matsubo Holdings, financed by the MBO fund and the Ebara Corporation
2008 Matsubo Holdings absorbed Matsubo, changed its business name to Matsubo, and inherited all existing operations.
2010 Matsubo established a Kyushu sales office in the city of Fukuoka,Fukuoka Prefecture.
2011 Matsubo became a 100% subsidiary of Shinsho Corporation