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Powder Processing Division

Elbow-Jet Air Classifier / Simultaneous Multi-product Air Classifier

Manufacture: Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.[Japan]
Unlike conventional air classifiers, the Elbow-Jet Air Classifier is a dry processing classifier that was designed on the basis of the latest classification theories. It mainly handles fine raw materials ranging from 0.5 to tens of micrometers in size, and can perform precise separation as well as simultaneous separation of fine and coarse fractions. The Elbow-Jet Air Classifier can be scaled up from small to larger-sized models.


1.Multiple classification of products with simultaneous fine and coarse cuts.
2.Easily controls the particle size by changing the position of the classifying edge of the classifier.
3.Easy-to-clean: Simple design with no moving parts inside of the main body for very little wear and sticking.
4.Sharp and precise classification in ultra-fine powder range (especially, 0.5 to 10 µm classification points).
5.Easy to scale up to larger equipment.
6.Equipped with a sight glass to check operating conditions.


1.Toner, Powder coatings, Resin powders
2.Pigments, Raw materials for cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
3.Alumina, Silica, Silicon carbide, Titanium oxide, Copper oxide, Aluminum hydroxide
4.Ceramic raw materials, Ceramic fiber, Fillers, Electronic materials
5.Ferrite, Metal powders, Carbon black, Coke
6.Battery materials

We also have other models available that are not shown here. Contact us for details.